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Quality Management with Sustainable Packaging

Delivering a new level of freshness in ready meals

InstaSAM - Mobile ethnography, live and in real-time

Efficacy of biometrics among different ethnic groups

Assessing performance of pack design

Substantiating soothing claims over time

Substantiating replenishment claims over time

Large scale consumer co-creation

Giving consumers a voice!

Context Matters!

Preservation of viniculture landscape heritage

Bayesian network connections

Are the drivers of liking the same as drivers of purchase intent?

Towards more sustainable sensory descriptive analysis

Beyond Liking in Consumer Healthcare

Gamification: Connecting with the generation of tomorrow

Building a successful sensory claim strategy

Co-creation of innovative cosmetic formulae

Validate the change of pack for pet product

Feeling Good / Feeling Bad

SAM Immersive Rooms - enhance consumer experience

Emotional Connection with Laundry Brands

Ensuring Softness and Fragrance in Fabric Care

Formulating Toilet Tissue for Strength

Emotional Brand Fit

Simulated Rooms - Odour Evaluation

The power of voice-bots and conversational AI

Rapid Feedback on New Shaving Concepts and Launches

Claim Support in Oral Care

Bringing Haircare Product Benefits to Life

Re-designing Toothpaste Packaging

Aromas from Recycled Plastic

Proving Efficacy and Supporting Claims in Haircare

Getting close to the Haircare Consumer

Drivers of Liking

Predict Product Success with SAM Value Scoring!

SAM Ideal Sensory Trajectory

Smart reformulation

SAM Double Segmentation to identify key opportunities

Agile Flexible Descriptive Analysis

SAM Click & Test

Finding the Sweet Spot

Measuring Variation in a Cheese Product

Improved Texture and Longer Lasting Flavour in Gum

Measuring Brand Personality in Confectionery

New Healthy Snacks for Busy Women

Defining the Best Ice Cream Flavour Range

Using Sensory to guide Production Change

New Product and Pack Prototypes in bitesize Chocolates

Sugar Reduction in Chocolate Coatings

Validation of Supply Chain Change

Confectionery Brand Identity across Markets

The Best Broccoli

Making Concepts into Fruit Snack Products

Reformulating Natural Yoghurt

Product Concept Research in Coated Fries

Bringing New Vegetables to Market

Innovation in Fruit Chewing Gum

Substantiation of sensory product claims for ketchup

Get more from your data!

Reducing CO2 Footprint in Sensory and Consumer Research

SAM Value Scoring

WhatSAM: Dynamising sensory and consumer research

Claim Support in Skin Care using an Extended Home User Trial

Supporting Claims for Cosmetics in Consumer Context

Skin Care by Design

Auditing Sensory Research Practices

Furniture for Sensory Evaluation

Consumer-centric product development: In Home Panels

SAM Pre-Mapping: Agile high-volume high-speed sensory screening

SAM Context Setting Research

Product Optimisation

Reformulating Chilled RTD Coffee

Sugar Reduction in Soft Drinks

The Sensory Signature of Whisky

Finding a language for Soft Drinks NPD

Putting New Juice Flavours on the Map

Exploring indulgence in Ready to Drink Coffee

Pack Design for Roast & Ground Coffee

Driving Innovation in RTD Chilled Coffee

Defining the Sensory Profile for your Target Market

Improving Vitamin Tablets using multi-CLTs and GCP

Pack Functionality in Healthcare

Hair and Nail food supplement range extension

Frequency of participation

Increasing market performance predictability: LimbicĀ® Approach

Continuous Sensory Panel for Petfood

AI Applied: Open Ended data

SAM Product Lab