Our Facilities

At SAM, we operate 19 sensory and consumer research-dedicated facilities across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, Morocco and the USA.

We work in more than 65 countries through our network of approved partners.

All of our state-of-the-art proprietary facilities provide a highly controlled environment for all aspects of product evaluation and consumer research across the food, beverage, cosmetics, home care, healthcare and durables industries.

“I have been managing our Hamburg facility from the very first day, many years ago … and I still enjoy the hustle and bustle on a busy day. Every day is a unique combination of different types of consumers, products and type of research. I also love when we have clients visiting, attending a focus group, or watching a panel session.”

Hilke Banghorn
Site Manager

Our facilities have purpose-built computerised sensory booths for high-quality sensory evaluation. Our teams of sensory scientists manage our highly trained sensory panels.

“In 2021, in France alone, we prepared and masked 200,000 samples for HUT projects. Faced with increasingly complex projects, the HUT SAM teams across all countries are able to prepare any kind of sample, always maintaining the strictest rigor, meticulousness, and hygiene standards. Our clients trust SAM to help their products reach consumers rapidly and efficiently.”

Cécilia Mire
HUT Preparation

Consumers are at the center of all we do. Our new bespoke consumer portal allows SAM to invite the most representative and relevant participants to our clients’ studies in most efficient way, while maintaining a privileged relationship with our testers. Our dedicated in-house recruitment teams in each facility ensure that the right consumers participate in your study.

“Our in-house panel has more than 146,000 consumers, profiled by 15 different demographic attributes and 1,800 product categories, and we are continuously working with our Recruitment in-house teams to add new consumers to our panels to satisfy the unique requirements of each of our clients' requests and be able to propose new and diverse testers. From conventional advertising to TikTok videos, our innovative approaches make our test visible to a great number of people and create curiosity!”

Kathleen Soto
Panel Development Manager

Global locations

Aix en Provence

505 rue Berton
13290 Aix-en-Provence – France
Phone: +33 4 42 94 35 20
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com


C/ d’Ausiàs March 148-150
08013 Barcelona – Spain
Phone: +34 93 553 31 77
E-Mail: SAM-SP@samresearch.com


Moroccan Branch Casablanca
120 boulevard de la grande ceinture
Immeuble Lilya 2, 1er étage, Nº 2
Ain Sbaa, Casablanca - Morocco
Phone: +212 522 340 630
E-Mail: SAM-MA@samresearch.com


Brandstwiete 1
20457 Hamburg - Germany
Phone: +4940325083610
E-Mail: SAM-DE@samresearch.com


Avenue de Provence 24,
1007 Lausanne - Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 439 70 40
E-Mail: SAM-CH@samresearch.com

Lille Euralille

Rue de Safed – Rdc haut du bâtiment de l’Atrium
59777 Euralille - France
Phone : +33 3 20 74 72 90
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com

Livermore CA

3168 Constitution Drive, 2nd Floor
Livermore, CA 94551 - USA
E-Mail: SAM@samresearch.com


Viale Monza, 270
20128 Milano – Italy
Phone: +390227007019
E-Mail: SAM-IT@samresearch.com


Oetztaler Strasse 1
81373 München – Germany
Phone: +49 89 743 7670
E-Mail: SAM-DE@samresearch.com


Parc de l’Angevinière, Allée de Bagatelle – Bât B
15 Boulevard Marcel Paul
44800 Saint Herblain - France
Phone: +33 2 72 64 71 55
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com


Unit F1-F2 Cowlairs
Nottingham NG5 9RA - United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)118 207 5960
E-Mail: SAM-UK@samresearch.com


46, rue Armand Carrel
75019 Paris – France
Phone: +33148246100
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com

Plymouth MN

13755 First Avenue North Suite 500
Plymouth, MN 55441 - USA
E-Mail: SAM@samresearch.com


Unit 5
Cutbush Industrial Park
Danehill, Lower Earley
Reading RG6 4UT - United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)118 207 5960
E-Mail: SAM-UK@samresearch.com


2B rue du Patis Tatelin
35000 Rennes – France
Phone:+ 33 2 99 36 40 12
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com


Suite 301, Paris fashion,
NO.500 South Xiangyang Road,
200031, Shanghai, P.R.China
Phone: +86-21-62863878
E-Mail: SongSheng@eurofins.com


6 Place du président Wilson
31000 Toulouse - France
Phone : +33 5 62 27 07 59
E-Mail: SAM-FR@samresearch.com


Albulastrasse 57
8048 Zürich – Switzerland
Phone: +41444397040
E-Mail: SAM-CH@samresearch.com