Pioneer methodologies
Increase the return on research investment
AI powered multimedia data collection

SAM’s smartphone-based multi-media innovative solution, WhatSAM, allows conducting inclusive and diverse large samples research projects on product, packaging and brand evaluation integrated into the everyday lives of consumers - anytime, anywhere and in any context.

Predict product success with SAM Value Scoring

SAM Value Scoring looks at how a product and its brand, as a whole, is valued by its consumers. Using an array of analytical tools, we are able to identify which product, pack or brand specific attributes need to change to increase market share with the relevant consumer segment.

Enhance consumer experience with SAM Immersive Rooms

The inclusion of context in sensory evaluation allows the product experience to be as close as possible to real life. SAM Immersive rooms offer multiple real-life scenarios in our facilities, ensuring at the same time a high level of control and standardization.

SAM Context Setting Integrate context in product assessment

Boost the predictive power of your research with a simulated real-life consumption context in controlled conditions – for example in a b­­ar setting. Understand the whole consumption experience, with new behavioral indicators such as quantities consumed, first choices, new choices, fidelity and versatility of consumers.

SAM Pre-mapping Agile rapid profiling for sensory screening

The SAM Pre-Mapping Tool is a very efficient rapid profiling tool for fast and reliable sensory screening of a high number of products.
Apart from the incredible time-saving, from 5 weeks for a conventional approach of Descriptive Analysis to 1 day (6 hours), it also has the advantage of being able to include all types to stakeholders directly in the research.

SAM Click & Test Fast turnaround research

SAM’s automated online platform will enable you to conduct fast automated consumer tests in a budget, either in the consumer’s home or in one of the SAM

“At SAM, innovation is part of our DNA! We know how to answer clients’ needs with new solutions but also anticipate their expectations. We are bold enough to develop solutions at the cutting-edge of technology and sensory and consumer science.”

Lise Dreyfuss
Innovation Manager
Data Science innovation
From big data to smart data
Machine Learning

Develop robust predictive models with SAM machine learning tools. We use AI for linking descriptive analysis and instrumental data with hedonic data and predict overall liking or similar targets.

Dynamic reporting

SAM uses text processing AI combined with the power of holistic and personalized analyses to provide actionable and fast reports without restrictions with key results with just one click, ready to be integrated in powerful reports.

Bayesian Network

SAM's machine learning data analysis using Bayesian networks enables the consideration of all consumer responses to all products and their causal dependencies. This provides decision makers with a variety of simulation and optimization tools to simulate the consequences of measures with multiple variables.

“My passion is to use state-of-the-art statistical methods and create automatised evaluation tools to be more efficient in our analyses. We at SAM apply the learnings to connect the dots to explain consumer liking and behavior and apply the learnings to optimise the sensory properties of your products.”

Thorsten Guksch
Senior Project Manager

WhatSAM: Dynamising sensory and consumer research

Predict Product Success with SAM Value Scoring!

SAM Pre-Mapping: Agile high-volume high-speed sensory screening