SAM develops truthful, accurate, and credible claims that will gain consumers’ trust while respecting new industry standards. We create claims dossiers to support fair, ethical, and transparent claims for your consumers internationally.

SAM conducts more than 100 international studies per year related to claims. SAM’s Innovation Manager is a key contributor to ISO 20784 standard (Guidance on Substantiation for Sensory & Consumer Product Claims) as Chair of Sensory Analysis Sub-Committee.

SAM provides tailored training & webinars on claims purposes, definitions, typologies, regulations & norms, methodological requirements & analysis. We provide diagnostics of current practices, and conduct audits, gap analysis and recommendations collaborating with cross-functional teams.

SAM ClaimSENSE is our DIY test design platform. SAM ClaimSENSE allows you to determine - in just a few clicks - the best test design to substantiate your claim including detailed study specifications, according to latest norms as well as SAM knowledge and expertise.