The most creative and innovative teams working across the globe to make your products better.

Using sensory and consumer sciences and the most advanced agile research techniques, SAM identifies opportunities to increase your competitive edge by enhancing your product performance and positioning strategy.

Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal and home care, baby, pets, stationery, tobacco, durables, automotive and healthcare dedicated experts to make your consumers happy.

SAM is the sensory and consumer research partner you can trust. We operate 20 proprietary state-of-the-art facilities across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, Morocco and the USA and work in more than 65 countries through our network of approved partners.

“Our wide range of loyal clients across all industries and our very diverse team across our 20 different locations, has enabled us to have colleagues that are true experts in different sectors. The collective knowledge we have is fascinating, as is how much we can learn from each other. SAM's know-how is constantly growing, research after research.”

Ivan Tronconi
Research Director
Quality is something we live.

Our experts are pioneers in new research techniques and statistical tools. SAM aims to inspire others, with our team members teaching and regularly speaking at universities, symposiums, and industry congresses. We are ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 20252:2019 certified, CIR eligible and a proud member of ESOMAR and ESN.

"Quality is not a single action; it’s a way of working. At SAM, we strive for quality in all we do, to guarantee the best results and trustable data, and therefore the highest client satisfaction. Our quality approach aims to ensure control to the highest standards in all aspects of our services, and it is constantly improving and evolving."

Justine Egonneau
Quality Manager

SAM’s best-in-class bespoke project management software enables us a greater agility and visibility

on each step of our projects as well as a higher control on documentation and, more importantly, data security.

"We are continuously working and innovating our bespoke SAM application that manages the entire project lifecycle: from proposal to invoice, from complex recruitments to managing the scheduling of more than 10 facilities! Creating automation and agility for our internal users, the consumers, and our clients is our motivation!"

Hugo Voisin
Business Analyst

Proudly part of Eurofins, the world's leading analytical testing company and our corporate parent company, we offer complementary chemistry, microbiology, clinical and physical testing.

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