The power of voice-bots and conversational AI

Gaining Consumer Insights: Wherever - Whenever!

Smart devices allow consumers to explore and purchase products, as well as to instantly interact and give feedback. Voice bots facilitate convenient, instant feedback for the consumer, collecting insights in the moment, in context and hands free.

Classic data collection requires consumers to read the questions and then write the answers, disconnecting the evaluation process from the product experience. The use of voice bots gives SAM access to real-time product assessments, and by using AI technology we are able to reveal deeper consumer insights.

AI technology identifies keywords (e.g., sensory characteristics, emotions, features) from verbal responses, and then triggers specific follow-up questions based on those responses. Textual AI analyses consumer data and adds new keywords or phrases to subsequent research questions.


The result: realistic and insightful product evaluations, as the consumer's experience is less influenced by the evaluation itself.

Voice bots provide transcripts and voice recordings as an output, allowing qualitative, quantitative, and descriptive research to be combined in one single approach. The results are analysed in depth using a wide range of statistical methods and textural AI. The power of in-the-moment research has ideal application particularly in cosmetic and personal care assessments, and in cooking and food preparation. It can capture the entire consumer experience from packaging evaluation and handling to post product use without interruption.