WhatSAM: Dynamising sensory and consumer research

To develop successful products that meet the needs of consumers, it’s key to fully understand the consumer product experience. More than ever consumers are utilising a wide variety of methods and styles to express themselves, especially in an online context: they convey their emotions, opinions and preferences through means of text, voice, videos and images.

Sensory and Consumer research can harness the power of these means of communication. Information collected through instant messenger research gives unfiltered insights into the everyday lives of consumers, their attitudes, experiences and preferences across different locations and different points in time.


SAM’s innovative platform WhatSAM is a versatile multi-media data collection approach for product, packaging and brand evaluation – fully automated and powered by artificial intelligence. Utilizing messenger apps like WhatsApp or WeChat for consumer research, WhatSAM provides insights into the everyday lives of consumers directly at the moment of truth: when they interact with your product, pack or brand.


WhatSAM delivers rich and inspiring insights by analysing text, voice, images, videos & emoticons in quantitative, qualitative and descriptive data to ensure a full understanding of consumer perceptions, drivers and barriers, attitudes and emotions.