SAM Product Lab

Accelerating Product Development and Identifying Direction within Days

Research & Development (R&D) teams are under constant pressure to speed-up product development cycles in order to reduce the time to market for new products. SAM offers Product Lab; a qualitative methodology developed specifically to provide R&D teams with critical sensory feedback and knowledge from consumers in a time-sensitive manner (e.g. 3-5 days depending on research objectives and category).

Product Lab adopts an iterative approach where learnings are captured and discussed over multiple sessions and sensory adjustments to the product may be performed in-between sessions. The consumer sample remains the same throughout the Product Lab research process, allowing consumers to internalise ideas and thoroughly evaluate the impact of their feedback.

Through the application of this methodology, R&D teams can expedite their product optimisation timelines, and use of the Product Lab is typically followed by additional validation through quantitative research.     

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