Sense-up your company
  • Is your team sensory knowledge up to date?
  • Are your quality standards aligned with your customer requirements?  
  • Do you have quality issues?
  • SAM offers sensory audits to guide you through implementing state of the art sensory practices in your daily processes.
  • We train and motivate your staff in sensory approaches fulfilling all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements.
  • SAM offers solutions to align your process parameters to consumer quality requirements showing great potential for cost reductions.
  • SAM sets up an internal or external monitoring plan to measure the performance of your product over time, allowing you to control your competitive environment at any time and enabling you to react before you lose consumers.
  • We help our clients ensure the quality of their products throughout time and across factories, and we support our clients in validating the quality of new products.
  • We support you in setting up professional product degustation's.

"I have a very close relationship with my clients over many years. They really value our expertise in Spectrum sensory panels and treat us as partners and an extended part of their business. We are being introduced to their colleagues, in different markets, to help them with sensory research, too".

Ruth Greenaway
Research Manager
Boost your value
  • Can you optimise your portfolio?
  • Do you know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
  • Where is the value?
  • Are you controlling your costs?
  • SAM maximises clients' product portfolio reach by defining extension areas and minimising cannibalisation within product ranges.
  • SAM understands what consumers value most in their experiences to design powerful products on the market.
  • SAM brings to light consumer diversity by clarifying clients' current consumer targets and identifying their potential future consumers.
  • SAM unlocks the sensory signature of products by gaining knowledge on both static and dynamic sensory characteristics.
  • SAM reveals consumers key drivers of liking enabling our clients to increase purchase and reduce cost.
  • SAM looks at the ideal price via bespoke modelling approaches to maximise product penetration share.

"We want our clients to develop products that make people happy! This is our motto! Bringing clarity to what drives consumer liking and purchase is how SAM transforms your hypotheses into successful products."

Laetitia Leriche
Associate Research Director
Beat your competitors
  • Monitoring competitive environment.
  • How strong is your uniqueness?
  • How can you win market share?
  • SAM helps companies understand their competitive environment within their targeted categories.
  • We accompany our clients in detecting the sensory uniqueness of their products and guarantee success by giving actionable recommendations of product portfolio or marketing-mix strategies.
  • We bring the consumer voice to ensure success and increase market share.

"How are you performing against your key competitors? How can you beat them?
These are some of the key questions we can help you answer.
I love working in collaboration with a client to really understand their objectives and ensure that what we offer is tailored to answer these.
Nothing beats the satisfaction of delivering results and insights that the client can take forward."

Myrna Jones
Research Director

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