SAM Pre-Mapping: Agile high-volume high-speed sensory screening

Agile rapid profiling for sensory screening of a high number of products

A leading beverage company wanted an agile solution to profile and screen a large number of products as didn’t have the time for a conventional profiling.

SAM used its bespoke time-saving Pre-Mapping methodology. After a pre-evaluation phase where we identified the selection and positioning of the product sensory attributes around the sensory map, we conducted a Product Characterisation study in which 13 study participants rated 90 Apple Spritzer products across 8 attributes in 1 day!

As a result of this data, 18 products were subsequently selected to be included in the next phase of the research – Product Optimisation.

SAM Pre-Mapping Approach

The SAM Pre-Mapping Tool is a very efficient rapid profiling tool for fast and reliable sensory screening of a high number of products.

Fieldwork is conducted with a SAM session leader and the participants, who can be trained sensory panelists or untrained stakeholders, such as those from product R&D teams or consumers – or a combination of both. A high number of products are then screened based on their attributes and plotted around the sensory map.

Apart from the incredible time-saving, from 5 weeks for a conventional approach of Descriptive Analysis with 10-12 trained sensory panelists to 1 day (6 hours) with the Pre-Mapping tool, it also has the advantage of being able to include stakeholders directly in the research, which is great for product optimisation because it is possible to gain a thorough understanding of what the key differentiating sensory characteristics are.

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