Predict Product Success with SAM Value Scoring!

Where is your Value? In your Product, your Brand or your Packaging?

A leading cookie company wanted to revamp one of its products to strengthen its position in Germany and gain new market share, and its team were wondering where to invest in this renovation: product, brand, packaging, or all at the same time?


SAM used its Value Scoring methodology in a Central Location Test (CLT) with 80 German consumers in Munich and Hamburg. The consumers were asked to rate 6 different cookie brands to allow SAM to calculate the value of the product, brand and packaging. The sessions were divided into two parts: Part 1 was dedicated to a Blind Product Evaluation and Part 2 to a Brand & Packaging Evaluation.


With only 30 additional minutes (a 1hr30 CLT session), we were able to not only measure the liking and perceived value of our client’s product and brand in the eyes of their consumers, but also to assess the impact on the perceived value of other inherent values such as price, claims included on the packaging, nutritional table, and best-before date, and look at how it compared to competitors.

SAM Value Scoring results showed that the main weaknesses and needs for improvement were in the product itself rather than the brand or packaging. Therefore, our client’s focus only needed to be on product reformulation!

When analysing the data, SAM applied Tetraclass modelling to identify our client reformulation priorities, giving clear guidelines for a successful relaunch. Check out here our Tetraclass case study to learn more.

Value Scoring is a powerful tool that enables R&D and Marketing teams together to discuss renovation priorities with an increased focus on what is most important!

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