Furniture for Sensory Evaluation

One common problem of descriptive analysis is that rooms containing sensory booths cannot be used in any other way.
That’s why SAM, in conjunction with Sensign, develops multi-functional sensory tables. These tables can turn into state-of-the-art, digitalised, high-performance sensory evaluation booths, featuring LED lighting in the RGB spectrum, power outlets, LAN, USB & HDMI connections, and sinks and facilities for rinsing water, to name a few.

SAM - Sensign sensory table
SAM developed a conventional conference table that becomes, at the push of a button, a professional 12-booth sensory space for a leading global beverages company in their Innovation Center, using elevating partitioning walls.
Meeting the requirements of a conference table and a sensory booth at once, the SAM sensory table is used by the client for three functions in the same room:

  • Digitalised conference table, allowing a greater level of communication
  • Training and education, not only for descriptive panels, but also for team trainings
  • Data collection from descriptive panels, when transformed into sensory booths.

The adaptability and flexibility of the table to the room size is a great advantage – on this occasion, we were able to design the sensory table in a U-shape, fully adapted to the room size and very specific needs in order to optimise the workflow between the preparation area, serving area and the individual workspace of the descriptive panel participant.

The partition walls are designed to form a complete Sensory Booth with full separation between each other. An elevation wall can add an extra 60 cm of height, bringing the total height to 140 cm when the wall is fully elevated. Furthermore, housing and partitioning walls extend the depth of each working plate by an extra 20 cm, creating additional separation. Together, these features create the fully protected work environment that is conducive to concentrating.

Additional equipment elements developed for the client include:

  • On the serving side, the worktop has a board that easily facilitates the serving of samples. Both are made of highly resistant, solid mineral material with an almost unlimited shelf life.
  • Each workspace is equipped with a sink and an integrated ring rinse via a central water supply for cleaning. The sink is made of the same mineral material as the tabletop and its board, seamlessly integrated into the worktop, with a cover that ensures the workstation can be used with or without the sink.
  • Side walls and rear walls can be lowered and raised separately to allow a product to reach panelists from inside the U-shape. To avoid visual communication between the panelists, the rear walls can be set at half height.
  • A sliding door is incorporated into the rear walls, allowing each workstation to be individually accessed and served from the operator’s side, when working in the booth mode with lifted walls.
  • The sensory table is fully digitalised, equipped with a power socket, USB-loader, and LAN- and HDMI-connections. A signalling feature optimises the workflow: at the push of a button, the operating request lights up on both the panelist’s side and operating side, as it is connected to a KNX control system, including in the preparation room.

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