Substantiating soothing claims over time


SAM PPL conducted consumer research to establish if a claim could be made for a new skin moisturising product.

The objectives of this study were:

  • to determine consumer perception of the product
  • to determine if the product meets the required success criteria for claims


Respondents were pre-recruited to take part with each consumer receiving the moisturising product to use at home. A minimum of 300 completed interviews were required to support any claims.

Before applying the moisturising product, consumers were asked to rate how two specific and related parts of their body felt for certain skin attributes, i.e. dryness, softness, smoothness, appearance. Once the consumer had rated both skin areas, they were asked to apply the moisturising product to one of them for 20 minutes.

Consumers were asked to complete an online questionnaire after use of the moisturising product – assessing both the treated and untreated areas of skin. Recalls were requested at 4 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours after initial application using SMS.


The client achieved clear feedback in terms of the perception of the product, as well as impactful claim data to use in-market.