Co-creation of innovative cosmetic formulae

Creating revolutionary cosmetic products must provide positive impact into the life of the consumer by solving an existing problem or contributing added value.

SAM can accelerate the innovation process of pioneering cosmetic formulae by bringing together creative people with internal stakeholders to develop concepts and products that fulfil consumer needs.


A 3-month iterative process with 12 advanced users via creative workshops and in-home tests. Participants collaborated with R&D teams to assess different formulae, expressing sensory preferences and defining the product experiences in line with the innovation goal. R&D teams were actively involved in the process, reworking formulae between different test phases.


The client expedited the innovative process from the original 10 formulations, closely relating two formulae to the desired product experience. Following the co-design with pre-defined users, the two best candidates were tested with 30 naïve consumers for further validation to subsequently launch the winning product on the market with confidence.