SAM Click & Test

Simple, Fast and Agile DIY solution to select the most promising prototype!

A company wished to penetrate the market category for plain yoghurts with a high-quality product which would be marketed under a retailer brand.


To prove to the retailer that its offer was mature enough to enter the category, our client decided to launch a screening test of 3 different recipes to select the best one, reaching at least parity with the best seller in the category.

Our client used SAM Click & Test, our smart DIY online solution to organise a product test with real consumers. They created their own customised survey: 60 consumers who had bought plain yoghurts in the past 6 months were recruited from SAM’s database for a Central Location Test in our state-of-the-art Parisian facility, which is fully equipped with 30 sensory booths. They tested 3 different prototypes and one competitor. The products were delivered to our facilities 3 days prior to the test and tested in sequential monadic, according to 8 questions that the client chose from our pre-determined questionnaire: overall liking, purchase intent, appearance, odour, taste and texture liking, reasons for liking and disliking.


Quantified results were sent to the client within 7 days, showing that recipe 2 was the best prototype, with a better taste, texture and overall rating by consumers. It was liked at the same level as the best seller and considered to be on par regarding taste, appearance and texture. The main reasons for liking recipe 2 appeared to be its smooth and shiny texture, with a taste which appeared to not be too sweet and with a pleasant touch of acidity.

In only 2 weeks, our client designed the study and obtained the required information to build its commercial dossier: identifying both the best recipe to propose to its client and also additional optimisation routes for further improvement.

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