Gamification: Connecting with the generation of tomorrow

Engaging Gen Z in product research: how the use of gamification techniques enables the research community to connect with the generation of tomorrow.


Utilising gamification techniques to engage with younger consumers can be an effective research tool.  SAM explored how data attained through a gamification approach compared to traditional electronic questionnaires.



Consumers were split into two cohorts to assess a snack product. Group one used traditional electronic questionnaires for product evaluation whilst the second group received the same questions through gamification elements, guided narrative and avatars across preferred smart device types.



Our research highlighted the importance of interactive and visual stimuli elements. A gamified approach required less time and was significantly more engaging, minimising fatigue and repetition.


Gamified methods generated a similar level of insight to traditional approaches in a fraction of the time. There was a high correlation between results from CATA from the gamified approach and the open-ended responses from traditional questionnaires. Gamified results were consistent with learnings from penalty analysis.


To ensure product research is relevant and engaging for the consumers of the future we must incorporate the familiar tools younger consumers are interacting with daily.