Smart reformulation

Efficiently prioritise your renovation actions with our Tetraclass tool.

A leading cookie company wanted to renovate one of its well-known products in order to secure its core target of consumers by answering some of their past complaints.

To analyse the results of a Central Location Test (CLT) with 80 consumer participants on 6 different cookies, including the cookie of our client, using SAM’s Value Scoring methodology, SAM used a Tetraclass Analysis applied to Value. Consumers first did a blind evaluation of products (assessing their overall liking and perception of the products) and then an evaluation of the brand and packaging (liking, brand image, packaging perception). Check out our case study on Value Scoring here.


The Tetraclass Analysis classified product, brand and packaging criteria into four groups according to their impact on consumers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction – boost, key, neutral or basic attributes. In terms of the product itself Taste, Texture and Appearance appeared to be key drivers of satisfaction, but all 6 cookies overall performed poorly on these attributes. When it came to brand, ‘Brand Innovation’, ‘Brand Trust’ and ‘Brand Youth’ were the key drivers of dissatisfaction. Therefore, there was clearly room for improvement here. 

For our client, the Tetraclass Analysis highlighted that the first focus of the renovation had to be on the chocolate taste of the product, then on its crunchiness and finally on the balance between dough and chunks. As for the brand, ‘Traditional’, ‘High quality’ and ‘Reputation’ were identified as priority criteria to be adjusted.

The integration of Tetraclass modelling into the analysis of the results allowed SAM to point to the exact attributes driving overall satisfaction and dissatisfaction, enabling a deeper dive into the relationship between product and brand and also assessing how products compared in the competitive landscape!

Combined with SAM Value Scoring methodology, Tetraclass analysis can be used to find drivers of high and low perceived value, going beyond regular measures of satisfaction!

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