Hair and Nail food supplement range extension

Demonstrating perceived efficacy of a hair and nail food supplement for a range extension


An OTC client wanted to extend its range of products in the category of hair and nail food supplements by offering a new format of supplement: chewing gum. To ensure a successful launch, the company conducted a clinical test to validate the real efficacy of the product. But they were missing a consumer’s point of view on the product and wanted to understand the convenience of this new format as well as the acceptability of its sensory properties such as color and taste.


SAM carried out a 3-month Home-Use Test, requiring 80 targeted consumers to use the gums in replacement of their usual product, with a 3 gums per day compliance. Consumers evaluated the sensory experience, the convenience of use as well as their perception of efficacy in contributing to hair and nail growth after 1, 2 and 3 months of usage.


The new gum was well welcomed by consumers as it delivered a new way of consuming a food supplement, with a pleasant strawberry flavor and a not too sweet taste. However, compared to their usual liquid food supplement, it did not appear to be as efficient as expected in hair and nail growth. SAM recommended some rework actions to improve perceived efficacy, in relation with color and texture of the gum.