Pangborn2023 - GOLD sponsor!

SAM is excited to be a ✨ GOLD ✨ sponsor for Pangborn2023 in Nantes (hometown of one of our Research Hubs)!
We are thrilled to be exhibiting our latest research revealing how sensory science can be used most effectively  to #meetthechallengesofachangingworld with one oral, 3 ‘top’ posters and 3 poster presentations!! 

SAM Research Director, Jane Randall, is excited to be part of the Pangborn2023 conference programme this summer presenting her innovative research in her oral:
Giving consumers a voice – Comparing traditional vs voice enabled data collection methods in consumer research’.

SAM France’s Kevin Thomas will be presenting one of our 3 “Top” posters at Pangborn2023, sharing his latest research exploring how the Bayesian Network approach can provide insight into consumer behaviour.

SAM's Innovation Manager Lise Dreyfuss is excited to showcase her latest research with “Top” poster ‘Context matters also for children in consumer research!’ 

Martin Kern, International Business Development Director, will present insights gained from his fascinating research on wine ‘A sensory and consumer research showcase: from the creation of prototypes to the definition of the ideal profile, to market share prediction to preserve a cultural landscape’.

Alongside our oral presentation and ‘Top” posters’ SAM will share additional new research with 3 poster presentations!
❇ Engaging Gen Z in product research: How the use of gamification techniques enables the research community to connect with the generation of tomorrow
❇ Towards more sustainable sensory descriptive analysis – Rinsing products and booth lighting are part of the solution
❇ Exploring Sensory Science to Drive Better Decisions: Beyond Liking in Consumer Healthcare (Over-The-Counter Products)
We look forward to seeing with you in France in a few weeks!