Having to make ingredient changes?

How to mitigate risk

Manufacturers are having to switch to new ingredients due to difficulties in supply from overseas markets. This is enforcing changes to recipes and formulations. There is a risk to sales if the taste is different and less liked by consumers.

If you are finding yourself in this situation, there are several research solutions available to help. For example:

  • Sensory profiling will identify how similar new formulations are to current in terms of appearance, taste, texture and aftertaste.
  • We can evaluate re-formulated products in our facilities, or in homes, for a statistically rigorous assessment of their performance with consumers.
  • Our Consumer Community can be used for an agile response to new products as a ‘disaster check’.

If there is a noticeable difference in taste and consumer experience then insight can be used in communications to help mitigate any surprises and manage consumer expectations.

Our Qualitative research expertise can be integrated with the above approaches to understand how consumers describe the new formulations and how they feel about them emotionally.