Enhancing consumer understanding and fostering innovation!

SAM is leveraging modern methodologies and technologies to improve and enhance our client’s product development! 

Our “Power your product“ event for our Spanish clients in Barcelona next week aims to demonstrate how to enhance consumer understanding and foster innovation.

  • Enable rapid creation of sensory profiles through Agile methods
  • Go beyond basic acceptability metrics to gain deeper insights into the consumer experience: understand the emotional connections and responses that products, packaging, and brands elicit from consumers.
  • Integrate sensory science with qualitative research and co-creation techniques to foster collaborative product development and find new ways forward in your consumer research!
  • Prioritize actions for successful product regeneration with tetraclass analysis and consumer segmentation.
  • Maximize the value of your data! Embracing AI to enhance your sensory and consumer research efficiency and outcomes.

Interested to learn more? Contact sam@samresearch.com